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Quicker Actions - Beta 3

The goal of the app is to let anyone make a track plan. In order to support this goal, it has to be easy to learn and easy to work with.

In this update there are some improvements that will make it easier to work with when doing common actions like move and changing connections.

Moving Track

Previously to move tracks you have to select the track and then activate a tool, then drag to move the track. In this release you will be able to do this action more quickly without having to activate a tool. Simply drag the track and it (along with the connected tracks) will move.

The move tool is still there to help on board new users. Dragging on the background will still pan the view.

Connecting Track

To make the app easy to learn, it works like track does in the real world. If you grab a piece of track and move or rotate it, it will affect all of the connected track. But sometimes you do not want to move all the track and you need to disconnect pieces.

Connecting and disconnecting track can now be done by double clicking or long pressing on the joint between two pieces. You no longer need to go into the connection tool to accomplish this.

One of these may be going away in the future so please give feedback if you like one more than the other.