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Layout Sizing and More - Beta 8

More ways to size the layout, a new track library, and bug fixes in this update!

Layout Sizing

This updates includes more ways to adjust your layout size. Previously the only way to adjust it was to drag the handles to size it. This update adds the ability pick from a list of preset sizes, or enter a custom size.

If there are other common sizes you would like to see added to the list, please leave some feedback.

screenshot of a the layout size dialog with presets and a the ability to enter a custom size

UI Bug Fixes

You might have had some trouble getting to the straight track button when it was covered up by the undo redo buttons. This update also change the buttons to open and close the side panel to have more descriptive text.

screenshot of undo and redo buttons above the view instead of the part list

Peco Code 100 for HO scale

This update also includes a new track library: Peco Code 100. This library has the basic curves, straights and turnouts. It does not yet include the curved or streamline turnouts. Keep an eye out for those in a future update. This was a request from a user so keep that feedback coming!